Top 7 Car Gadgets and Accessories For Long Trips

If you’re ever planning to go on a longer trip, then there are a few gadgets and accessories your car needs to make the most out of it.

Gadgets and accessories are here to make things easier and convenient. When it comes to car gadgets and accessories, it’s all about making the journey more enjoyable.

This is even more evident when it comes to going on long car trips. Having something that will make the journey interesting and fun will save you from the dread of driving on the freeway for hours on end.

So, that’s why we’ve decided to give you an article that will explain just that.

1. Sand-Free Beach Mats


The vast majority of people will most definitely want to go on a longer trip that involves the beach. For the vast majority of travelers, holiday destinations with access to a beach will be on top of their bucket list.

But a lot of people take issue with sand; they don’t like it when it gets in their cars. So, some guys decided that a smart thing to create would be a beach mat that let’s sand fall through it whenever it gets on top of it.

This gadget might not be related to the tech industry, but it is a must-have one for your next car journeys none the less.

The keyword here should be “convenience”, and that’s exactly what a sand-free beach mat offers you.

2. Solar-Powered Power Bank


If you’re a particular fan of the Joe Rogan podcast, then you might remember the last time Elon Musk came on his show. For those that don’t know, during the episode, podcast episode 1470, Elon explained that our smartphones are essentially extensions of ourselves.

And the brilliant man is right. We go nowhere without our smartphones. Not that we’re addicted to them, but they are the absolute necessity for city life. And our smartphones are an absolute necessity when it comes to taking long trips.

Whenever going to a particularly unknown location, we use our smartphones to guide us to our destination.

Since a lot of people love exploring during their travels, it would work in your favor to have your smartphone charged in the case of an emergency.

This doesn’t only apply to mountain lovers but for every other person that is planning on spending the vast majority of their summer road trip in their car.
Simply said, our smartphones are very important when needing directions, but their batteries don’t last that long.

If this is the case, then a solar-powered power bank is the ultimate solution to your problem. With this power bank, your smartphone will never run out of juice and you can safely navigate knowing that your phone won’t die on you.

And given Elon Musk’s reputation for solar energy, he might even sell you one.
Accessories and gadgets are very important whenever road tripping or going on longer trips. And the best way to uncover these gadgets is to follow trends and read cool, informative articles about it.
Whenever preparing to go on a longer journey, make sure to click here to find out about cool and gadgets and accessories that will make the trip a lot more interesting.

3. Instant Coffee Maker


If there is anything that makes a road trip great, is the prospect of drinking coffee on the go. But for that, we’d either have to make it or buy one from the nearest Starbucks.

But we’d argue that making your own road trip coffee is better than buying one. So, a must-have accessory is an instant coffee maker that will allow you to make the best coffee while driving.
This isn’t really a gadget related to your car, but one that will make the journey that much better.

4. Safety Monitor


We mentioned how important our smartphone is, but did you knew that you could use your smartphone as a safety monitor? A safety monitor is nothing but a screen that shows you information related to your car.

It shows information such as tire pressure, leaks, and it even displays your speed of driving.
For some of you, this might be useless information, but for those going on long car trips, it is the perfect gadget to own.

5. Mirror Dash Camera


We don’t want to be all negative, but car accidents happen even on freeways. A lot of things could happen while driving freely. For example, animals are the number one cause of accents while traveling.

They simply run on the road and you end making some last-ditch efforts just to avoid a collision. But in most cases, these do end up as accidents. And in the vast majority of cases, multiple cars end up being pulled by the same accident.

So, that’s why having a mirror dash cam is a great gadget to have while traveling. Not only does it record what’s happening behind you, but it also stores it in a cloud that you can access any time.

6. Mounted Road Shower


For those in love with driving and traveling, a mounted road shower is a perfect gadget to own. Not only does this gadget allow you to stay fresh and clean throughout your travels, but it even heats the water!

These mounted showers are becoming increasingly popular amongst younger adults and nature lovers. All you have to do is find one, mount it on the top of your car and you’re good to go. Some are even built with solar panels and require no access to electricity.

We always advise going for a solar-powered mounted road shower as it is the best way to maintain efficiency.

7. First Aid Kit


While not necessarily a gadget nor an accessory, a first aid kit is something you absolutely must own whenever going on longer trips with your car.

Accidents happen, as we mentioned, and we never know about it until it happens. When an accident does happen, having access to a first aid kit will definitely come handy. Also, some companies make first aid kits specifically for car travel, and these have very useful things such as emergency blankets, bandages, cleansing wipes, etc.

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