Is Honda Bros 400 A Good Long Distance Bike

We all love a good story, and those who had the pleasure of hearing at least one biker story will for sure agree that there is no better story full of excitement, new people, things, nature, and wanderlust than the one told by biker enthusiast. It doesn’t matter what made you fall in love with motorcycles, whether that’s the sound of the engine, the speed, that special feeling you can get only by riding one, as what matters is that you are here, the point of no return, as some would say, and once you fall in love with these great, magnificent bikes, there is no going back.

Let’s be honest. There are several motor brands that earned their title as the best ones, and Honda is for sure one of them. Now, those who had the pleasure and luck to ride a Honda motorcycle are aware of all the advantages. That, and the Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie with the kid constantly driving Honda XR, and yes, we are talking about the movie Terminator, and no, we are not talking about the bike Schwarzenegger drove, popularized, even more, this motor company.

Honda lasts for almost seven decades, and for that time, they really showcased what they are made of and what they are able to make, as some of their best-selling vehicles are Honda CR-V as for the cars, and Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin as their best and latest bike. Now, this list would be complete without Honda Bros 400, a model created in, for some, the most successful years of the company, the 80s. The unique look of this model was something entirely new to that period, and the power, speed, good balance, and good steering are just some of the perks those who had the pleasure to ride it will mark. Even so, some still have questions on whether Honda Bros 400 is a good long-distance bike. So, without further ado, let’s check some facts about this vintage Honda model.

Longevity of Honda Bros 400


There always were and always will be two types of people in the world – the sentimental ones who love old-fashion things and those who always want and prefer something new, and this bike is something that both of these types of persons have a similar opinion of. At first glance, the Honda Bros 400 motorcycle may seem outdated and massive, but even those who are not fond of its looks, once they try it, change their mind and fall in love with it. The ride on this bike is pleasant and comfortable, and even the sound of it is pretty nice and pleasant, but even though some may think that it isn’t powerful enough, it will provide you a safe and convenient ride. The first model of this bike was produced over 30 years ago, and it is still popular among bikers. That fact alone tells us a lot about its quality and durability.

Engine, speed, and fuel consumption

It is almost impossible to find a bad review for Honda Bros 400 engine, and many say that it is almost impossible to broke. This engine can last forever, and it is possible to drive it for more than 100 000 miles, which is quite much. The speed this Honda can achieve is not that high, but 80mph is enough for the pleasant and comfortable ride out of the city. On the other side, the bike is perfect for maneuvering through the city, and the best thing about this model is its low fuel consumption. What this means is that you can go whenever you want, and it will not cost too much, as for some other models, which is a dream of every biker. Thanks to the liquid cooling system, there is no need to worry about overheating, and that makes this motorcycle ideal for long-distance rides. Now, we know that once on the road, one can quite easily forget about fuel, so keep in mind that thank needs to refuel after about 90 miles to avoid the unpleasant situation of running out of fuel on some busy road.



This Honda model is with us for more than 30 years, and that can tell us a lot about its quality. Its look can measure with many new bikes, and it looks much better than many new ones. Precisely done details only add to its astonishing appearance, so many people fall in love the first time when they see this motorcycle. The good thing is that it is possible to find new parts for it, so there is no need to worry that you will need to buy something used. Because of the perfect quality, this bike can last forever with good maintenance, and that makes it a perfect choice for every biker who wants to feel the excitement of a safe and reliable ride.



One of the vital parts of every motorcycle is tires, and it is crucial to be sure that they are in perfect condition before every ride since even a small crack can be dangerous. The size of Honda Bros 400 tires provides you a safe and stable ride, but keep in mind that they need to be changed regularly to avoid accidents since they cannot last forever like other parts of this bike. Some of them can last up to ten years, but it is best to change them after five to be sure that they are in great condition and safe for the ride.

The verdict

As you can conclude from everything mentioned above, and what those who had the chance to ride this bike will surely agree with, Honda Bros 400 is quite comfortable, meaning that it is perhaps the ideal motorcycle for longer distances. Those who search for some vintage model but still want a great performance bike with good handling, search no more as, congratulations, you find the best motorcycle for you. Of course, there are still plenty of details, so for those who want and need more info about the features, advantages, and disadvantages of Honda Bros 400, check, and you will get all the information you may need, enough to satisfy even the pickiest drivers.

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