6 Tips and Tricks for Reducing Your Tolling Costs

The transportation industry is something that always needs new investments. Logically, many people, especially the ones that are traveling a lot and spending many hours on the road, know that toll costs are constantly growing. There is a big requirement for funding infrastructure projects all over North America. Therefore, toll road costs are unavoidable. However, since you already need to pay them, it is a good decision to seek ways to reduce these costs. Reducing tolling costs may not be such a big deal, however, if you are the one who is traveling a lot, some reducing methods can save you a lot of money in the long term. If you are ready to save money on toll, you should continue the article we prepared for you. Below, you will find some tips and tricks that will help you change your approach to toll management and at the same time save a lot of money while you are on the road!

1. It is better to not pay with a cash

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Very few people know about the fact that many tolling authorities are offering a discount for all vehicles that are using a transponder. This is because transactions made with cash as a payment method take more time and also require great overhead for the authority of the tooling. In case you have to travel very frequently because of your job or instance or for some other purpose, on any toll road, you should consider this option. It absolutely makes sense to choose the transponder option and get the discount. Also, you will have the opportunity to pass faster through the toll structure. Moreover, you will be able to track all of the transactions more effectively and efficiently than you would do if you are paying with cash.

2. You can take advantage of volume discounts

As we said tolling authorities are providing generous transponder discounts for passengers, however, that is the only discount option that they are offering. Beyond this one, all passengers have the chance to take advantage of commercial fleets volume discounts. This discount type is actually based on the frequency of traveling or in other words, the volume of toll.

3. You should be careful of peak hours

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One more trick that nobody knows about refers to the fact that many tolling authorities are charging higher rates during peak hours. They are doing this with the main purpose of reducing traffic congestion during busy times. In other words, this counts especially during weekday commutes, holidays, and other days when there is huge traffic. If you have this on your mind, you can consider using toll roads during non-peak hours. You will have more than one benefit from it. In this way, you will not reduce the costs of passing through tolling facilities. Moreover, you will provide yourself a chance to move much quicker along the toll roads and spare yourself from the stress regarding the huge traffic and crowds.

4. You need to watch out for violations

One very important thing that you should pay attention to is avoiding getting violations while you are on the road. Statistics show that approximately three percent of all electronic toll results are misread. Logically, all of these misread toll results will lead to a bill that is going to be 60 % higher than it should be. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention and avoid the risk of potentially getting a violation. In that way, you will keep your costs down and in control. Moreover, you will not have to worry whether you make the mistake after you pass the toll.

5. It would be a wise decision to minimize back-office inefficiencies

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When a person has more than one account with multiple tolling authorities, he or she is having a lot of problems while spending hours or even days every month rearranging invoices and submitting payments through different interfaces. However, it would be a clever decision to avoid this common problem. You can consider reducing your toll management wherever possible. In that way, you can save a lot of time in the back office. Moreover, you will also get a chance to see a whole picture of toll usage across your entire fleet more clearly.

6. Consider using a mobile app for reducing toll costs

Technology development changed all aspects of our lives in ways that we are not even aware of. Nowadays, everything that we need we can find anytime and anywhere just by looking at our mobile phone devices. We must agree on one fact that our lives are so much easier thanks to technology.

Moreover, technology is exactly the thing that can help us with the problem that we are currently speaking of. Thanks to the special Uproad mobile app, all passengers have the unique opportunity to reduce tolling costs very easily and effectively. That is the application that can tell you all the necessary information that you should know about the rules of a certain road. Additionally, if you are traveling a lot and you are looking for a way to reduce costs and have a new toll payment account without a transponder, this app can help you. By making the account, you are going to pay tolls with your mobile device.

Most Expensive Toll Roads in America

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We prepared a list of the most expensive toll roads in America. In that way, next time you are travelling across America, you will know which roads you can avoid and in the same time spare yourself from the unnecessary costs. Keep in mind to stay safe while you are travelling!

  • New Jersey Turnpike
    15.5 cents per mile
  • Central Florida Expressway
    16 cents per mile
  • Triangle Expressway (Raleigh)
    29.3 cents per mile
  • Texas State Highway 130
    29.5 cents per mile
  • Delaware Turnpike
    30 cents per mile
  • Fort Bend Parkway (Houston)
    37.3 cents per mile
  • E-470 (Denver)
    50 cents per mile
  • 17-Mile Drive (California)
    63.2 cents per mile
  • SR-73 (Orange County, California)
    72 cents per mile
  • Chicago Skyway
    74.4 cents per mile
  • Chesapeake Expressway (Virginia)
    $1.31 per mile

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