Top 7 Brake Light Bulb in 2023

In addition to being brighter than traditional halogen bulbs, LED bulbs also often use less power and have a far higher average lifespan.

The ability to provide a wide range of vehicle bulb replacements at competitive prices has been made possible by the fact that LED lighting technology has become substantially more economical in recent years. Any car would benefit from installing LED light bulbs because they improve visibility and make driving a little bit safer.

Although LED headlight upgrades are more popular, updating your tail light bulbs has a purpose as well because improving forward visibility can significantly improve your driving experience. 

Making your brake lights, reverse lights, and rear turn signals more visible will make it safer for drivers behind you and help reduce the likelihood of being rear-ended. For instance, more distant drivers can see brighter brake lights, helping them to react more quickly.

Your brake lights’ bulbs can be simply changed, You will need to understand and identify the right Brake lights for your vehicle. Below is the list of Top 5 Brake Light Bulbs:

#1 SEALIGHT 3157 LED Brake Light Bulb 2PCS


The stock reverse lights, third-brake light bulb, high brake light bulb, and tail light bulb can all be upgraded with this tail light bulb.

Possessing a canbus driver and instant-on functionality there was no warm-up period. Plug-and-play, simple installation.

While braking, this will automatically start the highlight mode to increase visibility for the driver. With this the drivers are significantly safer and are more visible.

This efficient IC driver for the brake light bulb delivers consistent current and prevents radio interference.

The aircraft-grade 6063 aluminum is used in SEALIGHT LED brake lights. Fast heat dissipation makes it possible to extend the brake light bulb’s life by up to 3000 hours.

You can buy SEALIGHT Brake light bulb directly from its manufacturer online

#2 Torchbeam 3157 LED Brake Light Bulb


While the standard lamp uses about 21W, our Torchbeam 3157 LED bulb uses only about 5W. Compared to standard lamps, led bulbs use a lot less current.

These headlights are 300% brighter as Compared to an original halogen bulb. Built from sturdy aluminum with an intelligent IC driver for improved stable current performance. 

The heat dissipation will give a longer lifespan. Torchbeam 3157 LED bulbs use high-quality 3030SMD led chips and 54 pieces of 3014SMD led chips, totaling 4000 Lumnes. 

This increases the visibility of your vehicle to other drivers, improving road safety.

These are suitable for Backup lights, tail lights, high-mount stop lights in the center, map lights, dome lights, and trunk lights. 

Every vehicle is different and installation positions will vary on individual vehicles.

#3 JDM ASTAR PX Chipsets LED Tail Light Bulbs


These LED bulbs are offered in a range of fitments and are available in white, red, or amber yellow, allowing you to use them as reverse lights, brake lights, and turn signals. 

The red bulbs have 21 high-power PX chipsets, each of which may last 20,000 hours. These plug-and-play bulbs have a very brilliant output, are waterproof, and have a casing made of aircraft-grade aluminum with a glass lens. They also feature plug-and-play technology.

#4 Phillips LED Tail Light Bulb


A reputable name in the lighting sector, Philips also provides red and white LED bulbs in a range of tail light applications. 

These LEDs can be used for license plate lights, backup lights, dome lights, glove compartment lights, and brake and tail lights. Thanks to instant-on functionality, Philips says that their Vision LED lights have a 12-year warranty and quick response times.

The 6000K lighting provided by the red and white bulbs makes them both street-legal. These bulbs are heat- and vibration-resistant as well as moisture-proof.

#5 JDM ASTAR EX Chipsets LED Tail Lights Bulb


These bulbs, another JDM ASTAR offering, have EX chipsets but only have 1200 lumens of brightness per. 

Only use this particular bulb as a backup light because it produces 6000K white light. Each set of bulbs has 144 EX chipsets and is covered by a 12-month warranty.

These bulbs, which are less expensive than the PX Series, use a glass lens rather than an aircraft-quality aluminum casing.

#6 AUXITO LED Tail Lights Bulb


As a plug-and-play application without modification, Auxito also provides backup LED tail light bulbs. Three times as bright as a typical reverse light bulb, each bulb has 15 pieces of 2835 SMD LED lighting. 

The bulbs from Auxito have an intelligent IC driver that is integrated into them for greater performance and to offer a more consistent input current that will safeguard the circuit for a longer lifespan. 

The lights are suitable for the majority of automobiles thanks to their 12- to 16-volt broad voltage design with CANBUS protection.

For products that were harmed during shipping or were found to have a manufacturing problem, this company provides a 12-month warranty.

#7 ALLA Lighting LED Tail Lights Bulb


Both the normal kind and the CK/SRCK type are compatible with pure red bulbs. Additionally, each bulb contains 39 pieces of 2835 LED chips; nevertheless, it should be noted that these do not have any CANbus errors. 

To prevent any problems or error codes, it could be necessary to install a load resistor in particular automotive applications.

These bulbs can be used in place of tail lights’ turn signals, backup reverse lights, and brake lights. 

Each 3157 bulb is approximately 1000 lumens and includes an intelligent integrated circuit (IC) driver for enhanced performance with stable current and heat dissipation for a longer lifespan. 

For products that were harmed during shipping or were found to have a manufacturing problem, this company provides a 12-month warranty.


Although using conventional halogen or light bulbs is frequently less expensive and simpler, converting to LEDs has become significantly more cost-effective in recent years. 

The benefits of switching to LED light bulbs include reduced power usage, significantly brighter light output, faster response times for brake and reverse lights and a lifespan that may outlast your car. 

Therefore, even though LED light bulbs may initially cost a little more, you won’t need to replace them as frequently, therefore in the long term, you’ll save money by using them.

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